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Our Story

  • The Maharajas (Royal families) were the greatest connoisseurs of good food, indulgence and a pure decadent lifestyle.

  • Their Chefs marinated the meats for many hours with their blend of Indian spices and then cooked in clay ovens or Tandoor in the traditional style of the Indian Frontier region. The Chefs cooked traditionally in the Palaces, but also travelled with the Maharajas extensively.

  • This menu accordingly brings you starters and main dishes which have been served, in the Palace,Hunting camps, Fishing trips and foreign travels. The finest local produce tempered with Indian flavours to enamour the palate of the discerning guests. Our Chefs are the fourth generation of that family.

  • To Munich, we bring, Indian cuisine at its very best, fresh products and herbs of the highest quality, recipes perfected over hundreds of years, combined with mixology (cocktails), modern setting and chutzpah. A gastronomical journey, paired with Champagnes, Beer, Wines and Whisky, topped with the Indian and Bavarian tradition of warm hospitality.

  • The Indian Affaiirr envisages to bring dining with a flair... at the Bar, dining area or in the Maharaja Lounge....“an affair to remember”.

Whisky Bar

  • We have put together a vast collection of whisky from around the Globe. Limited editions travel from Japan, India, USA, Ireland, Scotland and ofcourse our very own German whisky. You can also have the pleasure of pouring your own favourite dram straight from the cask.

Maharaja Lounge

  • Relax in the living room of the Maharaja and travel in your thoughts to the opulence of the Palaces in India, while you savour your favourite drink with your companions. Truly a place to unwind before or after Dinner, for those special moments.

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  • Murgh ka Shorba


    A flavourful chicken soup with a twist of Indian spices, cooked over a slow fire.

  • Fresh Tomato Shorba


    A delicious rich broth of fresh tomato, with aromatic spices and coriander, cooked overnight.

  • Hara Barra Kebab


    Delicate shammi of spinach and lentils, pan grilled in butter, sprinkled with fenugreek.

  • Garlic Masala Snails


    Candied Spiced garlic snails.

  • Ajwaini Scallops


    Carom seeds spiked scallops; char grilled and finished with lemon sprinkle.

  • Chat Special


    Piquant potato and chickpea Salad topped with Pomegranate kernels, crisp fried dough wafers and spiced yoghurt.

  • Fish Harike


    Fresh water fish marinated with spiced gram flour and carom batter, deep fried. And served with mint and coriander pesto.

  • Venison Kofta


    Tender meat balls of Venison, mixed with traditional spices and deep fried served with onions rings, lemon and dipping sauce.

  • Shikampuri Kebab


    Yogurt and green herb centered lamb mince kebabs delicately flavoured with saffron, pan grilled.

  • Paneer Tikka


    Chunks of fresh cottage cheese, marinated in fresh cream, gram flour, carom seeds, and yellow chillies, skewered and grilled in the Tandoor. A favourite of the Maharani.

  • Khoomb Tandoori


    Mushrooms stuffed with Khoya (reduced milk), cardamom and a blend of the Chef's special mix of herbs, grilled in the Tandoor. A vegetarian delight.

Each main course is served with Chef's special potato creation and Old Malai Basmati rice.

From the Ocean

  • Thoom Wild Prawns


    Jumbo prawns marinated in a carom flavoured blend of yoghurt and blended spices, grilled in the Tandoor.

  • Lobster Maharaja


    Lobster marinated in carom flavoured blend of yoghurt , spices, saffron and aromatic spices, slowly grilled in the hot Tandoor.

  • Tandoori Dorado


    Whole fish marinated in lemon juice, turmeric powder and mixed spices, with a dash of mustard oil, roasted to a perfect amber colour.

From the Farm

  • Murgh Khurchan


    Slivers of tandoori chicken tossed with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and select spices; moistened with spiced fresh tomato purée and juice of lemon; served.

  • Kadak Seekh Kebab


    Hand pounded Chicken mince spiced with ginger, yellow chili and aromatic spice powder cooked in charcoal oven and then coated with caraway infused batter, deep fried.

  • Murgh Kundan Kalian


    Creamy kebab of boneless chicken blended with cream cheese, lemon juice and green coriander and grilled in the tandoor in a tantalizing gravy.

  • Butter Chicken


    Smoked chicken tikka simmered in a velvety gravy of tomatoes and fenugreek, finished with dollop of white butter and chili.

  • Tandoori Murga


    Cornfed chicken, marinated with special traditional herbs of carom, yoghurt, mildly spiced and grilled to perfection in the tandoor.

From the Wild

  • Shikari Gosht


    Slow cooked lamb meat highly spiced with Rajasthani red chilies and cooked overnight over slow fire. A special when out hunting in the cold.

  • Hiran ka Burra


    Single bone Deer chops from the tandoor sprinkled with garden chillies, green herbs and whole spices, finished with a dash of lemon juice.

  • Bhatti ka Teetar


    Partridge smoked in the tandoor and then sauted with green onions and simmered in the pan with mild herbs.

From the Fields

Each dish is served with Basmati rice.

  • Gobhi Adraki


    Cauliflower florets sautéed with onions, gently flavoured with cumin and ginger, garnished with ginger julienne.

  • Kali Dal Bukhara


    A harmonious combination of black lentils, tomatoes, ginger and garlic simmered overnight on slow fire, finished with cumin and chilli and a dollop of white butter.

  • Shahi Paneer


    Smoked cottage cheese simmered in a velvety gravy of tomatoes and fenugreek, finished with a dollop of white butter and chilli.

  • Palak Maharani


    Spinach with a trio of mushrooms, cottage cheese and corn.

Biryani and Pulao

Dum is a method of preparation that involves heating the food over low flame in a dough-sealed container.

Biryani is separately cooked spiced aromatic Basmati rice and sautéed meat or vegetables, layered and then cooked on Dum.

Pulao is aromatic Basmati rice cooked on Dum with sautéed meat or vegetables.

  • Shikari Biryani


    Fine cuts of venison in curd, flavoured with spices and saffron, finished with chilli and mint leaves.

  • Chicken Dum Pulao


    Spring chicken marinated with yoghurt, flavoured with saffron and green herbs.

  • Maharani Pulao


    Unique Kashmiri morels, wild mushrooms and truffel flavoured with saffron. Served with onion and green chilli salad, house pickle, pomegranate and mint raita.

Assorted breads

  • Mango Crème


    A rich creamy base combined with the king of mangoes "Alphonso", sprinkled with caramelized slivers of almond.

  • Figs’n Saffron Brûlée


    Custard cooked with sugar, saffron and cardamom on low heat with figs, set in cups and served chilled, finished with chopped pistachios.

  • Gajar Halwa


    Sweet carrot slow cooked with sugar and saffron in milk, served with nuts and raisins.

  • Chocolate Royal Fantasy

    A chocolate treat in the true tradition of royalty, like no other, for the truly majestic.

  • Kahwa- a house speciality


    Traditional Kashmiri post meal drink with several health enhancing herbs and spices, especially good for cold weather and romantic evenings.

Minimum of two Guests
Price per person 130 Euro
Without alcohol 90 Euro
All Prices are inclusive of government tax and service charge of 19%.
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